Favourites #10

1. An amazing artist that I discovered earlier this month - Karli-Lise. After seeing her magical works on Instagram, I was really suprised when she showed how she had painted a couple years ago. It is truly amazing how an artist can grow by hard work. Really inspiring. She recently shared a video where she talks about her career, definitely worth seeing!

2. Around a week ago I went to the Modern Calligraphy workshop and it was great! But I will write more in a separate post. 

3. I had an opportunity to listen to the talk of Malika Favre during 100 Years Of Graphic Design event. She talked about her posters for British Academy Film Awards 2015 and how the whole designing process looked. Inspiring!

4. Cocorina is a talented graphic designer living in Greece. In general her blog is a great source of inspiration but her series called TFL (The Freelance Life)  caught my eye in particular!

What about you guys? Any favourites this month? Let me know in the comments!

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