Favourites #7

1. 5 Key Thoughts For Young Creatives - Kelly Thompson shares her 'five key thoughts for creatives starting out'. The most important thing is to always remeber that your idols didn't become succesful by waiting for something to happen, but simply by hard work.
2. Juxtapoz Hyperreal: Magic - Jen Mann and Juxtapoz Hyperreal: Perspective - Zaria Forman - I'm sure that I already told you about these two artists, but I encourage you to see these two short videos. Jenn Mann and Zaria Forman talk about ideas behind their work. This project was created by Juxtapoz magazine to promote their new book called Juxtapoz Hyperreal. I haven't had a chance to see the book yet, but I'm sure it's amazing.

3. Q&A with Proko, Marshall Vandruff and Court Jones - I also mentioned about Proko and his You Tube channel, but this video in particular is really helpful to everyone who creates or want to start drawing. Stan Prokopenko along with Marshall Vandruff and Court Jones answer people's questions about drawing, anatomy, perspective, freelancing and facing creative crises. Definitely worth seeing!

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