Favourites #6

1. I've recently come across Bethany Gosvener artwork. She draws huge size, realistic portraits using pencil. Simply amazing. 

2. Do you know a comic titled 'Thorgal'? I've always been a fan of it (this is an advantage of having older brothers), but I've just realised that all the drawings are created by a Polish illustrator - Grzegorz Rosiński. His creative process made such a big impression on me. You have to see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3L7RNDBlp0

3. If you're interested in fashion and you live in London, the 'Women Fashion Power' exhibition in Design Museum is something for you. The whole area is divided by few time periods where you can see how the fashion changes over te years. A lot of photos and actual historical pieces of clothing. The only disadvantage: tickets aren't too cheap.  

4. How much should I charge? This is a question which I have to ask myself on and on, and I never know which answer is correct when it comes to freelance work. This site is a great help!

5. On 22th of October I went to a Sketchbook workshop with Olivia Whitworth organised by Ideas Tap. I hadn't known Olivia's work before, but after taking a look, I was really impressed and decided to participate. Olivia prepared a sketchbook presentation and then all the attendees had a chance to create something in their books. After this, we had a little discussion about our work and we asked Livi questions about her career. I'm not sure if the workshop was a one-time thing, but I definitely recommend going to different events connected with your passion. It could be a great inspiration and motivation to keep going.

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